Winter Storm

Winter Storm

It starts with a flurry and a gentle westerly wind,
That’s just the beginning to a terrible end.
It’s been predicted for days, but never fully believed,
Not till the first warnings of the storm are received.

You’re still on the road, thinking there’s still plenty of time,
Then a gust of wind hits your car and you start to slide.
Pushing yourself back onto the roadway,
You know you better get home now, some way!

There’s already a drift in front of your door,
You say to yourself, “Really, how much more?”
Then you realize your shovels are still up in the attic,
You thought there would have been time not to panic.

It’s late at night, not much you can do now,
You’ll get them in the morning and start shoveling somehow.
You still have your snowblower in the garage, thank goodness,
But what about fuel; Oh no! What a mess!!

You try to sleep as the wind starts howling louder,
The temperature drops, there’s two feet of fresh powder.
The lights flicker for a moment then all goes black,
This is not a storm it’s a winter blitz attack.

The generator you wanted was still on back order,
One good thing, you’ve always been a toilet paper hoarder.
You find an old flashlight with dead batteries inside,
And the fifty used candles from your last birthday surprise.

You’ll have a little warmth as you light them one by one,
But, not near enough light to get any work done.
So, off to sleep you go with 10 blankets on top,
Hoping and hoping the snow will just stop.

You awaken in the morning and the alarm clock’s flashing.
Your jaws are tired from all the teeth gnashing.
You relight the furnace and reset the clocks,
Looking out the window nothing’s moving for blocks.

Schools are closed and most businesses too,
There’s no place to go, and you can’t get through.
Neighbors you have never met,
Start popping from the snow, shoveling and wet.

You meet some new friends and old ones as well,
Going house to house with blankets and lots of shovels.
When everyone is safe, and you are stuck waiting on plows,
You start sharing ways how you’ll all get through it somehow.

Life slows down for a few hours or days,
The first plows come by, to a huge “Hip, Hip, Hooray!”
Storms always come at the worst possible time,
But, bring people together who need to share life.