Quote – Everyone according to their talent


A chacun selon sa capacité, à chaque capacité selon ses œuvres

English Translation

Everyone according to [their] talent, and every talent according to its works.

–French Proverb

Quote – Actions Speak

Actions speak louder than words.

— Proverb

we pay too much attention to reformers

…there is entirely too much attempt at reforming in the world and that we pay too much attention to reformers.

— Henry Ford

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The thing to do is to work

The natural thing to do is to work—to recognize that prosperity and happiness can be obtained only through honest effort.

— Henry Ford

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It is better to be skeptical of all new ideas

It is better to be skeptical of all new ideas and to insist upon being shown rather than to rush around in a continuous brainstorm after every new idea.

— Henry Ford

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