Quote – Truth—Freedom—Virtue

Truth—Freedom—Virtue—these have power;
If rightly cherished, to uphold, sustain,
And bless thy spirit, in its darkest hour.

— J. S. Ogilvie

Quote – In the field of Destiny

The tissues of the Life to be—
We weave with colors all our own,
And in the field of Destiny,
We reap as we have sown.

— J. S. Ogilvie

Quote – I remember you yet

When the name that I write here is dim on the page,
And the leaves of your album are yellow with age,
Still think of me kindly, and do not forget
That, wherever I am, I remember you yet.

— J. S. Ogilvie

Quote – The brave

The brave man is not he who feels no fear,
For that were stupid and irrational;
But, he whose noble soul its fear subdues.
And bravely dares the danger nature shrinks from.

— J. S. Ogilvie


Many, many welcomes,
February fair-maid!
Ever as of old time,
Solitary firstling,
Coming in the cold time,
Prophet of the gay time,
Prophet of the May time,
Prophet of the roses,
Many, many welcomes,
February fair-maid!

Alfred, Lord Tennyson