How to Be an Organized Thinker

We do not start life out as organized thinkers. Instead, we gain organization through our parents, teachers, and other influencers as we age and develop a brain that can handle multiple tasks and thoughts at once without imploding. Some of us have better teachers or care a great deal about being very organized, but many of us develop habits when we are kids that are difficult to change as we get older, and that leads us to be more “disorganized” in our thoughts and processes.

Let’s get a myth out of the way before we launch into some tips on how to be more organized in your thinking. You do not have to be a linear thinker to be organized. There is also no right or wrong way to approach more organized thinking. Instead, it is your commitment to changing how you think that will determine your success in this endeavor.

You want to be a person who doesn’t want to forget things, who arrives on time rather than being late or have more career success than before, and those are just three reasons why you are learning more about organized thinking. You know you have a problem, and you want a solution from someone who has gone through the same things. An extensive list of testimonials and personal stories could fill this page. However, you are going to get more from the tips than the stories.

Why Being an Organized Thinker Is Important

There are at least four reasons why being an organized thinker is essential.

  • Career success
  • You gain more sequential reasoning
  • Leads to better planning
  • You gain a more holistic picture of what occurred in the past, what is happening, and what may need to happen

If you struggle in your career because you turn in your assignments late, half-finished, or you get them done on time but must revise them, you need to have more organization. By learning to be an organized thinker, you are also going to gain a more holistic approach through sequential reasoning, which leads to better planning and execution of daily and career-oriented tasks. As you learn a better thinking process, you will also be able to view what occurred in your past with an open mind, let hurtful things go, and focus on what is happening in the “now,” while also examining what the future offers.

People are better human beings when they can face the past, let the difficulties and hurt go, and face the future unencumbered. Let’s say you had a job, and you lost it because you were unable to meet deadlines, you could never get organized, and finally, your boss had enough of the angry customers and coworkers due to your disorganized thoughts and work processes.

Such a situation can haunt you. You may feel aggrieved because you know you did your best, but you couldn’t quite seem to become the person needed for the job. Well, now you can. Now is your chance to take action by learning the tips and becoming a better-organized thinker.

Using Sequential Reasoning: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

Sequential reasoning is your ability to mentally process information and then organize it. You can also think of sequential thoughts as being analytical. You can use this type of reasoning to automatically shuffle through your thoughts, organize copious amounts of data, and complete tasks. The concept is a step-by-step process which differs from a holistic approach.

Holistic thinking is designed to look at large-scale patterns and react to them. Often, this type of thinker believes events are products of external factors. Holistic thinkers examine relationships, backgrounds, visual scenes, and context without always moving in a step-by-step way. Truthfully, you want both holistic and sequential reasoning skills.

Sequential reasoning facilitates communication, both oral and written, which ensures your personal and professional relationships are happier and holistic. Creating sequential reasoning will help you with speaking and writing communications that are thoughtful, helpful, and filled with kindness. By its nature, this type of thinking also leads to establishing proper dependency on alignment assignments, so you have visible plans, schedules, and explanations for yourself and others. It is a straightforward process of outlines that help you with any task or job. With sequential reasoning, you will have aids for consistency and memory.

A few of the tools that can help you with this type of reasoning and ensure you are an organized thinker include:

  • Using a one-page document, with pictures to help you visualize the tasks.
  • If you are not an artist, then consider a Day Planner or PDA (personal data assistant) to record lists, tasks, and other information you require.
  • To-do lists are an effective way to ensure you keep your thoughts organized and planned to better help you during the day or when something does not go as you hoped.

Practice Leads to Habits

The heading is an adage that makes perfect sense even though it is not always completely realistic. Practice and repetition are how we build habits, good or bad, and humans – like most mammals – are habitual. We depend on our routines to get through life, whether it is to make sure we pick the kids up on time or to keep our anxiety levels low. We all tend to have things we do, good or bad, that get us through the day.

  • Set a goal, such as being a more organized thinker
  • Create a daily goal for you to meet, something small and easy to do
  • Repeat the regular goal creation until you reach your larger goal

By creating a new habit that you want to have and setting smaller goals to achieve the behavior, you slowly but surely change yourself to adapt to the new way. This can work with anything, not just becoming a more organized thinker.

Developing Consilience: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

Consilience is used in science and history as a principle to look at evidence from unrelated, independent sources and come to a stronger conclusion. Consilience  is also a way to gain a big picture understanding by examing the concepts and/or principles from different disciplines leveraging similar and related concepts to form and communicate a comprehensive, unified theory.  

Examine multiple concepts and data points and ensure the knowledge “jumps together” to form a fact-based theory. So, by using both holistic and analytical thinking, you should be able to come up with new ways of thinking about projects, life, and all thoughts and come to a conclusion on how best to approach the tasks and goals.

Consilience is essential because as you become a more organized thinker, you can meld your holistic approach into an analytical thought process as needed.

Summing Up Organized Thinking

It is not a linear thought process, but a culmination of holistic and sequential reasoning. You take your thoughts and reach a conclusion based on all the data you have. But it will take practice. You can start today to change how you will become an organized thinker.

Start small with one goal that leads to your larger goal.

For example, your first actionable task is to open a calendar on your phone, tablet, or computer. Enter in known activities. The information can deal with events or bills you need to pay throughout the month. These are things that will happen, so you can plan for them around your other daily activities like going to work or making dinner.

You want to establish a routine where you organize your life so you can organize your thoughts.

When it comes to projects, in personal or professional settings, you want to record the deadlines for when those projects need to start, the small tasks it takes to complete them, and the date the activity should be completed. Let’s consider building a house. A house requires certain inspections along the way, and the permit is time-sensitive. From the date you get the permit, you have six months for the first inspection and a year to complete the house. If you think of projects in stepping stones, then you can get your thoughts to organize around the tasks.

Writers will outline a topic, then follow a pattern taught to them in school, such as stating a problem, a solution, and providing a sensical flow to their thoughts. But it all starts with an outline, whether you map it out or go linear. Being an organized thinker is about taking the whole pie, forming the thoughts, and then streamlining them.

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Consulting – A Consultant’s Responsibility

Ultimately, it is each consultant’s responsibility to acquire what they need to be successful in meeting the customer’s needs.

— Albert L swope

This is not to say that the consultant needs to do everything themselves. However, they are responsible to do whatever it takes to acquire the resources that may be necessary to deliver for the customer. If that, means making late-night phone calls, repetitive phone calls, follow-up emails, tracking somebody down the hall for an impromptu meeting, that is what you must do.  In the end, regardless of the reason, you are responsible to ensure that you deliver a quality product to the customer, on time, on schedule and on budget.

Logic – Getting to the truth

The Quote

“When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

― Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes

The Basic Methodology

To solve a problem, the methodology, basically, goes like this:

  • Define the problem
  • Then, eliminate all the impossible causes
  • Then, focus on what remains

Success – Sleep and your career

Sleep Management

In this age of technology and advancement, we belong to a hyper-connected culture but there is one thing we cannot get enough of and that is sleep. Thanks to the long working hours and the electronic devices our brain fails to power down and that disturbs our natural sleep-wake cycle.

Most of the individuals stay up all night and they cannot get the required 7 to 8 hours of sleep. 50 to 70 million people are suffering from a sleep disorder and sleep deprivation has turned into an epidemic. Lack of sleep not only affects our health and relationship but also our career.

Sleep and Ceridian rhythms

Sleep is an important part of life and it is important to keep our energy levels high and to help us feel better. Just like hunger makes us eat, tiredness makes us want to get some sleep. We can be tired due to different reasons like long working hours, exercise or a full day of driving. However, t6he real question is why our body needs sleep in order to perform properly. Here are some of the important reasons we have to consider.

1-Inactive theory

It is one of the oldest theories regarding sleep and it is known as the evolutionary or adaptive theory. It suggests that inactivity during the night helps the individuals with the management of their next day. It protects them from any potential harm.

2-Theory of energy conservation

We know that energy is very important for our body and the only way to preserve the energy and bring it back to a normal level is through food and sleep. The normal human body utilizes energy during the day and preserves it when the body is least efficient.

3-Restorative theory

The biggest benefit of sleep is that it provides the body a chance to repair itself and restore all the important function. This is the during consulting most of the specialists suggests the patients sleep for a particular amount of time.

4-Brain plasticity theory

It is a recently developed theory according to which sleep is related to the proper functioning of the brain. It is important that our circadian rhythms are properly maintained because that is the only way to manage life properly an avoid sleep deprivation.

Sleep and cognitive abilities

It has been noticed that the response time of the brain is lowered due to improper sleep. It leads to a sluggish and slow body due to which people find it hard to perform properly. If you will not have proper sleep the next day your IQ level will be lowered. Continuous sleep deprivation can have a poor effect on your leadership skills because you will remain lethargic and irritated all the time. It is important to have a proper 7 to 8 hours of sleep so that you can think straight and your problem-solving skills will improve.

Reduce stress with proper sleep

Lack of sleep leads to a stressful body. In order to deal with the stress, our body starts to produce stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline. In a recent study, two different groups were compared. It was found that the group suffering from sleep deprivation had a higher level of stress as compared to those who had a proper good night’s sleep.

If we are able to manage stress we will become healthy as well as we will be able to concentrate properly on our work. Having proper sleep means that we will not have to take time off work and business management will be more efficient and products. Some common symptoms of stress due to sleep deprivation are.

  • Memory issues
  • Lack of concentration
  • Poor judgments
  • Problem-solving skills will be reduced
  • Negativity
  • Mood swings
  • Anxiety
  • Constant worrying

It will lead to a short temper, frustration, and irritability that will have a negative effect on your business relationships. Communication, interaction, and collaboration are the key to a successful business and lack of sleep can seriously affect these skills.

Sleep and health

If you want to have a successful career you will have to pay attention to your health. Remember that health is not only eating proper food and having an exercise plan. If you are tired you are not healthy. Proper sleep helps our body to remain healthy. Sleep deprivation can affect the immune system of the body and so we become vulnerable to common diseases that reduce our efficiency.

Enough sleep will improve your immune system and will help you stay concentrated and active all the time. When you are aware of your surroundings it would be easier for you to concentrate on your work and provide the best solutions and consulting services.

Tips to improve your sleep

In order to have the best leadership skills and prove that you can handle the business properly, you have to pay attention to your sleep. You have to start will paying attention to your food. Do not consume food items that are high in sugar or caffeine at night because that act as stimulants and you will not be able to fall asleep. Some of the important food items that you have to avoid are.

  • Fatty foods
  • Spicy food
  • Alcohol
  • Nicotine
  • Heavy meals

You should avoid consuming food right before bedtime. It is better to have a light meal like fruits at least 2 to 3 hours before going to bed. You can do exercise or yoga that will make your body feel tired and it will be easier for you to fall asleep.

When we use mobile or play games our brain remains active and so it is hard to fall asleep. You have to avoid using screens at night. Even do not watch TV for at least 30 minutes before going to bed. It will help the nerves to relax and the moment you are on the bed you will be into a deep sleep.

Maintain your sleeping schedule. You should go to bed early so you can wake up early in the morning. Once you maintain your sleep-wake cycle you will notice a positive improvement in your life.

Why Consilience Is Important?

What is Consilience?

Consilience is the confluence of concepts and/or principles from different disciplines, especially, when forming a comprehensive unifying theory.

Independent Confirmation

Why are some inventions discovered at the same time in different parts of the world? Does this have something to do with the scientific process of “sharing important discoveries?” Generally, scientists believe that they are part of a community of knowledge. Their discoveries do not occur in a vacuum. They must give credit to those who went before and created the foundation for their work. Therefore, when they discover something new, they are required to share it with the entire world. This sharing is part of knowledge evolution. Interestingly enough, it is also key to the World Wide Web. Collaboration is one of the key strengths of the Internet. It is a way to increase overall knowledge of Planet Earth. Science can also increase the strength of their theories through independent confirmation.

Result Conciliation

There are oftentimes prescriptions for the types and numbers of witnesses to accomplish certain legal requirements. Anyone who has completed an experiment understands the importance of result conciliation. A hypothesis is not proven to be true unless it can be repeated by independent sources. This shows that the reality is objective. The word, Consilience was formed by two Latin words – “com” meaning “together” and the suffix “-silence” meaning “jumping.” Therefore, Consilience means “jumping together” or a “convergence of proof from independent sources.” Scientists should use different methods to reach the same conclusion. Business and economics have a similar concept. Just think of the concept of a Recession or Depression. These are officially declared when a variety of indicators are in agreement – stock market, employment, inflation, money supply and so forth.

Knowledge Evolution

Consulting can use the concept of Consilience to teach firms how to follow objective norms. Technology consulting can compare a subjective company’s practices to objective industry norms. The best career development is successful based on objective, independent analysis. The concordance of evidence can help a business create a successful strategy. Consilience is the convergence of evidence from independent sources to prove the validity of a conclusion. Objective corporate success can be achieved by satisfying objective needs of your customers. Business intelligence requires an objective standard, such as Consilience to be useful.


Consilience is important to you because the answer to any given problem may not necessarily come from within your field of expertise and experience. rather, to be truly competitive in an ever increasing world of knowledge, we need to adopt a broad-scoped renaissance approach to learning and thinking, which folds in other sets of concepts and principles to create the durable solutions for today and tomorrow.

Travel Tips – Men's Travel Checklist

Men’s Travel Checklist

Traveling across the world can be exhilarating for men, but regularly do we mislay sight of the crucial stuffs we want to travel with. Most men at some point has forgotten a vital item while going only to feel remorseful it while hundreds of miles away from his household. In response, we made this convenient men’s travel checklist so you can be self-assured when departing home with all the needed prerequisites. After devoting time to other travel lists, we observed they were a number of things missing, bearing in mind that none were really made just for men. Even some popular travel checklists appeared to continuously overlook sunglasses. We do not know about your trip, but going to the beach and being blind the whole time does not sound too good an idea. Business travel always comprise of two infuriatingly self-contradictory points:

  • the need to travel light, and
  • the necessity to put on some of the largest items of men’s clothing.

Experienced travelers are aware of the risk of checked luggage, and also recognize the vital requirement of putting all into a carry-on bag. It is the solitary way of reaching your journey’s end with 100% assured that you will have things you need in the coming days. Anytime you plan on going on a trip, all you have to do is get a copy of our men’s travel checklist. And you will acknowledge yourself for spending lesser time before leaving for your trip. We always endorse travelers to simply cross off each item listed with a pen stroke. The whole process is Pretty straight if you ask us! So how do you get it expertly done? Below are a few secrets for you:

Step One: Owning the Right Bag

When we discuss about packing light, it is all about carry-on luggage. Having the luxury of inspecting your bag, alters the game a bit. At this stage, you can make use of either a full-size hanger bag or an upright suitcase. You need to choose carefully if you want to get all in one bag and here are a few points to note:

Bag Dimensions

Not all airlines have similar policies, you would need to get a bag that works for all and also meets the European standards as well.

Bag Style

The most popular carry-on style is the small rolling suitcase with rectangular edges. It is basically a scaled-down suitcase and works just fine.

Bag Appearance

The size and style of the bag determine how you pack it. Leaving for a business trip with the wrong choice, sets a not too good first impression. A good business bag should be dark, subdued, and modest.

Step Two: Taking Along the Right Items

So, you have got the right bag. The next question is what goes in it? Have it in mind that our goal here is packing light and packing for business. This implies a wardrobe made of a few multipurpose pieces rather than various clothing for every event. Expect to wear a jacket a couple of times over. A weekend can generally be done with a jacket, dual pairs of pants and shirts, plus miscellanies. This provides sufficient diversity and retains the space to a basic minimum. If it is going to be longer, an additional jacket and extra shirts becomes necessary.

Step Three: Packing Your Bag Efficiently

The process of packing your bag efficiently has two goals: getting as much stuff inside, and moving it around without damaging its contents. If you are going to have a day of downtime, you can pack a little more sloppily and hope of having time to have your shirts and even your suits pressed. Every man has a to some extent a diverse packing style, but overall, here are some consistent guidelines for what goes where:

  • Shoes below first is always a good place to start. They are the least flexible stuff.
  • Save space by filling shoes with smaller stuff like belts, ties, or socks.
  • Also, stick shoes in a dust bag. This guards your clothes against any shoe dirt.
  • Fold shirts and jackets vertically and roll them loosely. This averts deep rumples in the middle and permits you to add more of them per packing layer.
  • Wear a sharp outfit with a jacket when going. This provides an extra set of business-appropriate clothes.

A quick list of items a man should ponder on when packing for a trip

Hygiene Items

  • Allergy pills, Prescription medications, and painkillers/ migraine pills
  • band-aids
  • Deodorant and Mouthwash
  • Plastic toothpicks, Razor and spare blades
  • Small Battery electric razor – For the long day touch up

Office Supplies

  • Charging cable and adapter for phone
  • Clean USB Sticks – To provide copied items to customer
  • Professional Note, Laptop and Phone
  • Locking cable for computer
  • Headphones for dictation and entertainment
  • Reference USD Sticks – work and professional reference items
  • Post-it tabs –  at least two colors


  • Blazer, Business Suit (slacks and coat) and Over Coat (During cold weather seasons)
  • Handkerchief (quantity 2)
    • coordinated with a suit and tie and use as a pocket square
    • for pants pocket use
  • Hat and Scarf – Depending on the weather seasons
  • Smaller accessories like Belt, Socks, shoes, and Ties
  • T-shirts and Underthings
  • Tie Clip and Safety Pin (quantity 2) — for emergencies and backup tie clip

Other Items

  • Digital Camera — I use my iPhone for this also
  • Driver’s license and Passport or Passport card –if traveling abroad
  • Plane tickets and boarding pass–if not on the phone
  • Sunglasses, reading and/or computer glasses
  • Wallet and House and/or car keys


Most of these are simple, rational guidelines, and that is because packing efficiently and light for any trip is one way to remain organized and focused on the purpose of the trip. Remove the stuff that is not a necessity, pack the needed items sensibly, and you are one step already to a memorable trip.

Travel Tips – Ladies Travel Checklist

Ladies Travel Checklist

I know having a travel list as a lady can be intimidating. Also figuring out what items to take for trips which might be only for few days or weeks can become a challenge. Without any or little experience about your chosen destination, I have put up a travel checklist for ladies to help check your backpacks. Other than your backpack or suitcase, this travel checklist is one of the most significant item you will need. Some of these items will be with you all day, so make it relaxed. I have learnt thankfully, with some essential items, you can take a trip to any location when fully prepared. Below are the tested, used, and still loved ways to ensure your trip becomes a lasting memory:

Which Clothes to Pack

Depending on the place you choose to visit, you do not have to stress so much about getting ready a complete baggage to go prior to taking off. Depending on the region and whether at the time, picking the right clothes to wear would go a long way in serving you through the trip. These lists below can guide you picking the right clothes for any weather condition. Remember, the numbers can vary depending on the number of days the trip would last.

Cold climates

  • 9 pairs of comfortable underwear
  • 7 pairs of thick socks
  • 3–4 long-sleeved shirts, sweaters and/or sweater dresses, and pairs of leggings
  • 3 thermal shirts
  • 1 pair of thick pants
  • A pair of snow boots, heavy coat, and gloves
  • 1 scarf and winter hat

Hot climates

  • 8 pairs of whatever underwear you find the most comfortable
  • 5–7 simple tank tops that can be mixed and matched with other clothes.
  • 2–3 pairs of shorts of various lengths and light cotton pants and/or leggings.
  • 2 long clothes for conservative environs that requires moderation.
  • 2 pairs of socks
  • 1 pair of hiking shoes and a pair flip-flops or sandals
  • A hat for the face

Temperate Weather

  • 9 pairs of comfortable underwear
  • 4 pairs of socks: some for sport shoes and some for boots
  • 3–4 tank tops
  • 2–3 long-sleeved shirts, pairs of shorts with different length, and t-shirts
  • 2 pairs of leggings
  • 1 pair of jeans or thick pants
  • 1 pair of closed-toed shoes, running shoes, flip-flops
  • 1 jacket, preferably something waterproof

Real World Items

Although most items like bedding are offered with accommodations, apart from that you would need other practical items to make every trip easier. For instance, in some regions around the world, it is considerably easy to get laundry done at your hotels than washing it with your hands. When on a business trips or just traveling the world, it can be costlier and tough to find somebody doing excellent laundry services. The following can assist in your trips easy:

  • Menstrual cup which can reused through your trip. For instance, they are almost no tampons in China!
  • Headlamp for camping, digging in your bag after dark and as a personal flashlight at night
  • Microfiber towel –regardless of the location, having your own saves unnecessary hassle.
  • Packing cubes – which can be used for compressing and organizing clothes
  • Sleeping bag liner – whenever you come across a less clean hotel
  • Travel line for cloth drying especially in Africa and South America, where it is not always available.

Technical stuff

If you are traveling with any technical items and valuables, which often most ladies are guilty of, the resulting most significant thing to take along are good locks and materials to keep your devices and personal effects safe. You may not be able to watch over your belongings 24/7 and always carrying important around is not advisable. Below are a few personal items you might consider useful through the course of you trip as our interest can vary individually:

  • Camera with batteries, charger, spare memory cards
  • Cell phone/phone cards/charger which can be packed in waterproof containers
  • flashlight or small LED, and headlamp which are very useful at night.
  • Good travel laptop if you really need to keep up with work and post those wonderful pictures on social media.
  • Individual country plug adapters or a universal adapter
  • Pens or other writing materials
  • Phrase book or handheld electronic devices
  • USB key use it to keep copies of your important papers and to carry your documents


Most of these are simple, rational guidelines for ladies looking to have their backpack checked and ready to move. The ladies Travel Checklist can aid ladies pack efficiently and light for any trip. This keeps any lady organized and ready for whichever way the trip turns out to be. Remove the unnecessary stuffs, pack the needed items, and you are ready to make that trip!!

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