Quote – In the field of Destiny

The tissues of the Life to be—
We weave with colors all our own,
And in the field of Destiny,
We reap as we have sown.

— J. S. Ogilvie

Quote – I remember you yet

When the name that I write here is dim on the page,
And the leaves of your album are yellow with age,
Still think of me kindly, and do not forget
That, wherever I am, I remember you yet.

— J. S. Ogilvie

Quote – The brave

The brave man is not he who feels no fear,
For that were stupid and irrational;
But, he whose noble soul its fear subdues.
And bravely dares the danger nature shrinks from.

— J. S. Ogilvie

Quote – Common Sense

Knowledge is of little use if it is not under the direction of good sense.

— Spanish Proverb

Quote – A wise man is strong

A wise man is strong; yea, a man of knowledge increaseth strength.

— Proverbs 25:5 King James Version (KJV)

Quote – A man must carry knowledge

A man must carry knowledge
A man must carry knowledge

A man must carry knowledge with him if he would bring home knowledge.

— Samuel Johnson