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Welcome to Writing and The Written Word.

Trying to break through the writer’s block?

Trying to get a detailed and practical self-publishing formula?

Maybe you actually know what to write but there are times you feel frustrated because you believe you can produce a much better content.

Writing is real work.

With tons of articles expertly written, Writing and The Written Word has the best content available on writing for professional writers, and those striving to improve their writing skills.

This website is a panacea to all the unique challenges and needs of writers. “Writing and The Written Word” offers a complete array of snippets on writing as well as services to ease an author’s path to publishing. The website contains resources that will guide an author in self-publishing, marketing, making submissions to targeted traditional publishing markets, and building author websites.

From established writers in the publishing industry to newbies just starting a writing career, “Writing and The Written Word” offers anyone the ability to start off, publish and become an influencer in the publishing industry. The site has been summarized as “Snippets on writing”, “The English language” and “Blogging and Publishing”.

Our website is the one-stop destination for information, resources and writing community. Every page of Writing and The Written Word is devoted to helping writers hone their craft and develop their writing acumen. Through interviews with bestselling authors, relevant first-person essays and profiles with emerging talents, Writing and The Written Word aims to establish the culture of the modern author.

Now, more than ever in the history of book publishing, you can possibly bypass the middlemen who have been nightmares to aspiring writers. Newcomers are becoming instant influencers in the industry and old names are given a challenge for the title of best-selling authors. In a digital world where the rules of publishing are dynamic, the site aims to give detailed and updated exposition on the business side of writing and publishing. Writing and The Written Word features practical tips, snippets on writing, poetry as well as exercises on fiction and nonfiction.

If you want to:

  • Publish articles that are viral and highly informative
  • Build a brand that aligns with your core values
  • Create sales pages that actually convert
  • Write Short stories that enthrall your audience
  • Publish a book that hit the New York Times list, Wall Street Journal, the LA Times list, Barnes & Noble, or any other bestseller lists
  • Or self-publish your own kindle ebooks

But are worried about:

  • Writer’s block
  • Boring people with “uninspiring” stories
  • Seeming unprofessional
  • Meeting client’s expectation
  • Coming across as a sleazy marketer
  • Or fitting writing into your busy schedule

You are in the right place, Writing and The Written Word has the best content available on writing.

Our Approach

Our goal is to help you produce your best work; become a better and productive writer, and help you build a great career in writing. Writing and The Written Word has career writers of essays, articles, short stories, novels, and reviews. We have been actively involved with publishing teams in marketing and publicizing several literary works. Whether you write blog posts, novels, non-fiction, or sales pages – you will find practical tips and inspiration at Writing and The Written Word.

The blog helps writers confidently pitch new clients, develop their writing skills and do great work.