Blogging Tip – Publish or Perish


Blogging Tip Publish or perish


The phrase “Publish or perish” initially coined by Coolidge circa 1932 is a frequently user in academic circles to refer to the necessity of regular publishing in to further your career.   Well, blog posting, also, has publish or perish requirement, although they are different.   For you blog to be successful over time there is a necessity to publish and/or update your blog content regularly.  The reason for the necessity are many, so here are a few:

Search engines favor active blog/site

  • Active blog sites are blogs which frequently publish or update their content. At least once a week, more often, if possible. The less active you site is, the farther down the search engine results rating it helps to move you.

Current, Accurate, and Relevant information

  • Your blog pages need to be regularly reviewed and update to ensure they are still relevant and accurate. This may include items such as the actual information on the blog, link contained with the blog, and/or keyword tags and categories used to classify and describe your blog’s content.

Useful content which Answer Reader Questions

  • The readers of your site whether, new or returning users, need to find current content, which answer their questions and/or the reader finds found to have useful content for future reference.

Supremacy by Volume

  • User preference beyond broad ranges of content are hard to predict and change from day to day and there for having a significant number of informative meaningful blog posts about the major topic of your blog helps to drive customer to you site. It is nearly impossible to intentionally write the great blog post which will attract large numbers of reader, but is possible to publish several blog posts which readers will return to repeatedly.  Also, as you find what information your readers are consuming most you can evolve you content to fill any information gap which your blog may have.

New facts and other information are Continually created

  • New facts and other information is created and/or discovered every day, which your readers will want to know about. No matter how obscure your topic is, there is a very good chance that some new is discovery or seminal ideas are proposed, and/or research will refine, so, really there is usually no shortage of content for you blog.

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